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5 Ways Hotel Management Software can Make Businesses More Successful

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A hotel management software is a centralized computer system that makes it easier to manage a hotel business. Some of the functions it can handle include managing room reservations, checking guests in and out, housekeeping functions, rate management, and billing.

Advanced property management software manages reservations from different channels like online travel agencies, meta channels, and global distribution systems. They also have stock management and revenue management functions. Read on for 5 ways hotel management software can help your business become more successful. 


1. Improve Productivity

The main reason why many hotel businesses invest in hotel management software is its effect on productivity. The right software can help automate most of your routine business operations, saving you a lot of time and money. A Forbes report found that automation saves companies between 40% to 75% in operational costs

Without a property management system (PMS), a task like checking in a guest could take over 15 minutes. But hotels with PMS complete check-ins and check-outs in less than five minutes. Other tasks like stock control, billing, revenue management are also a walk in the park if you have a management system installed.


2. Improve Accuracy 

Another benefit of hotel management software is that it can improve the accuracy of your billing and reports. The system allows any staff member of your hotel to post bills to a client’s room as soon as they provide a service. Whenever a guest wants to check out, the receptionist just needs to bring up their file and print out the final bill.

If the hotel operates on a manual system, unexpected checkouts can take time. This is because the receptionist must call each department to confirm whether there are any unposted bills.


With a property management system, there are still some checks and balances that the staff members must follow to ensure that guests get the correct bill. But they are very simple when compared to a manual billing and reporting system. 


Hotel management software stores all business data in one secure location. This allows employees from different departments to access data that they need from other departments. For instance, a front desk agent does not have to call housekeeping to find out which rooms are clean. The information will be in the system.


Any data that is in the system is also kept in a secure cloud storage with backup. Should a computer at the hotel crash, you can access any information it has from the cloud. Hotels without property management software may lose a lot of data if a computer crashes and it has filed data locally.


Also, if a hotel stores manual files, someone can steal or misplace a file. A natural disaster like a fire or flood could also damage all locally stored data. 


3. Revenue Management

Hotel management software can help optimise your bookings so that you always get the most amount of bookings. The software can use historical data to establish the right number of bookings to ensure that your property is always full─ even with cancellations.

Some systems can also guide on the best price to charge for a room based on the demand and availability of rooms. The revenue management systems can even help other departments to maximise their income. For instance, the software could guide the chef and F&B manager on which dishes to drop from the menu based on how much profit they bring. 


4. Save Time

Time is a great commodity in the hotel industry and hotel management software can save you and your staff a lot of it. For instance, housekeepers can use the software to know which rooms have been checked out so that they can immediately clean them. They, in turn, can use the system to report back clean rooms so that the front desk can easily find rooms to assign to anyone that checks in.

The software also cuts down on time staff use to prepare invoices and operations reports. This allows them to focus on other aspects of the business. For instance, a restaurant manager can spend more time training employees and chatting with guests. This is time that they may have wasted doing paperwork and compiling reports.


5. Superior Customer Experience

Hotel management software can also improve your customer service. The software makes it easy to collect and capitalize on guest preferences. Each time a guest stays at your hotel, they can fill in a customer feedback survey that you can use to improve their next stay with you.

The software can also collect data like birthdays, anniversaries, room preferences, etc. Use these to surprise a guest with a birthday or anniversary treat or by upgrading them to their preferred room type. 

PMS improves your speed of service which leads to fewer service complaints from your guests. If a customer has to wait for over 15 minutes for a restaurant bill they will get antsy and raise a complaint.

Maybe they have to wait at the hotel lobby for a long time due to slow check-in and check-out times, they will get frustrated with your services. Investing in hotel management software will cut any unnecessary wait times. As a result, your service delivery ratings will improve.



Leverage How Hotel Management Software Can Make Businesses More Successful


Hotel management software is an asset to the hotel business. This is because they improve productivity and customer service while cutting costs. Some software can even help to improve revenue by calculating the best price to charge for rooms and services based on demand.


Most modern hotel businesses, big or small, use hotel management software. Additionally, technology keeps improving so hotel businesses that haven’t adopted a property management strategy will lag behind their competition. Businesses that don't have a PMS should consult a management software provider for advice on which software could suit them.


To learn more about the different options for management software to improve your operations, sign up for a free consultation with one of our local consultants.