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A PMS enables a hotel to manage front office requirements, such as management of reservations, rates and invoicing. A PMS automates repetitive tasks and replaces paper and spreadsheet processes. Finally, a PMS will also integrate into a range of third-party applications that improve hotel operations and/or guest  experience.

Channel Manager

A Channel Manager manages the distribution and optimisation of hotel rooms by connecting directly to Online Travel Agents (like Booking.com, Expedia & Airbnb) and Global Distribution Systems. A Channel Manager enables a hotel to reach a global audience whilst eliminating the risk of double bookings. 

Booking Engine

A Booking Engine allows a hotel to take online bookings directly through their own website. Find out how RoomRaccoons Booking Engine can increase your direct bookings by 27% on average.  




RoomRaccoon features that increase your revenue and save time:

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"The advantage of working with RoomRaccoon is that the PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager are all gathered in one system.”

Roy — Hotel Haverkist

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"RoomRaccoon has grown to such an extent that it's also the solution for larger hotels. It is simple, easy to use and very clear.”

Claudia — Hotel Gooiland


"RoomRaccoon is user friendly, intuitive and a new receptionist only needs 30 minutes to get to know the system.”

Roland — Ingenhousz Breda

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Hotel software

Looking for hotel software of excellent quality? Then choose RoomRaccoon, your all-in-one solution in the field of hotel software. The software namely contains three useful programs in one. A Property Management System, Channel Manager and Booking Engine, everything you need for your hotel, bed & breakfast or accommodation. A strong piece of hotel software that can save you a lot of time and money as a hotelier. This way you can get more commission-free bookings with the booking engine or increase the occupancy rate of your hotel by offering the hotel rooms to multiple booking channels.

Property Management System

The Property Management System is suitable for managing all internal affairs in the hotel. How about managing the room reservations, guest preferences and the availability of the hotel rooms? It is all possible with the PMS. But that is not all, with the PMS you can have the invoices and confirmation e-mails sent automatically. Within a few clicks you have created a neat and tidy invoice that you can send directly to a potential guest. Do you still work with an old-fashioned agenda or with an old reservation book? Then quickly switch to RoomRaccoon, start saving time quickly thanks to the Property Management System.

Channel Manager for hotels

Another, extremely useful, functionality in the hotel software is the Channel Manager. This is because a connection is established between the Property Management System and booking sites of other parties. You can think of, for example, Booking.com, Expedia and Tripadvisor. But of course also the less well-known OTAs. It all works fairly easily, in the PMS you can manage the prices and availability of the hotel rooms. The Channel Manager ensures that all these adjustments are implemented on the external booking websites. The risk of overbookings is minimized and you can quickly offer multiple rooms on multiple booking channels.

Hotel Booking Engine

The Booking Engine from RoomRaccoon is an efficient and useful part of the hotel software. But what exactly can you do with this? A Booking Engine ensures that visitors can book a hotel room directly on the website of your hotel. Without intermediaries and even much more important: without commission costs. In addition, the Booking Engine is linked to the Property Management System, so a room is booked through your website. The adjusted room availability is then immediately implemented on the websites of the OTAs. Do you want to try out the hotel software (including booking module)? That's no problem, just create a free account.

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