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Mobile Keys for Independent Hotels (Tips, Benefits, Installation)

Mobile keys for independent hotels mean travelers no longer have to fumble around with keys or worry about misplacing...

Marketing13 Dec, 20226 MIN READ


5 Effective Hotel Packages For Guests

  Hotel package deals combine rooms, entertainment, and other activities for an affordable rate.   ...

Marketing12 Dec, 20225 MIN READ


How to Use the Billboard Effect to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings

    Increasing direct bookings is, of course, any hotelier's main objective. The OTA Billboard Effect for...


What is the Best Hotel Check-In Software?

The best hotel check-in software enables hotels to deliver a fast and efficient registration process so guests can...



How Does a Hotel Reservation System Work?

A hotel reservation system is an online booking engine that allows guests to book rooms directly on the hotel's website...



Hotel Housekeeping Software: 5 Must-Have Features

Keeping a hotel running smoothly requires a lot of coordination; it's a tough job that could be much easier if you had...


Vacation Rental Management Software: The Top 5 Benefits

Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular as they offer travelers a more authentic experience than traditional...


Tech-Savvy Hotel Guest Experience Journey: 5 Stages

For hotel operators, it is important to understand the journey of a tech-savvy traveler. The guest experience can be...

Marketing7 MIN READ


What Are the Best Hotel Booking Sites in 2022?

Whether you have a spare room in your home, want to fill an apartment, or you’re the owner of a new hotel —...



Hotels in the US: How to Use Expedia Channel Manager

Using Expedia to help fill your hotel rooms can greatly increase occupancy and grow your business. But what is the best...

Hotel Technology5 MIN READ


Property Management System For Boutique Hotels: Top 5 Benefits

Distinct. Intimate. Elegant. You have put a lot of care and effort into creating a signature brand for your boutique...


How to Get Eco-Certified on Google Hotel Ads

  Your hotel is your brand and in a study done by the Havas group on meaningful brands, consumers are desperately...

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The Smart Guide to Hotel Accounting Software

  To succeed at running your business – or even to know if you're succeeding – you need to analyze...

Hotel Technology9 MIN READ


Examples: What is Yield Management in the Hotel Industry?

  Demand in the hospitality industry constantly fluctuates. So selling time-limited inventory like hotel rooms at...

Hotel Technology3 MIN READ


5 Hotel Booking Engine Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  Are you not getting the performance you expected from your hotel booking engine?    Direct booking...

Hotel Technology


Quick Guide: How to Identify Your Hotel CompSet

You’re always competing for bookings with other accommodation providers in and around your area. For this reason,...


6 Benefits and Advantages of Hotel Online Check-In

More and more hotel guests are skipping the front desk and heading straight to their rooms. Corporate travelers expect...

Hotel Technology


5 Ways Hotel Management Software can Make Businesses More Successful

A hotel management software is a centralized computer system that makes it easier to manage a hotel business. Some of...

Hotel Technology


Your Key To Success: Property Management System for Small Hotels

Small and independent hotels have different goals and challenges compared to big hotel chains.  And that’s...

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Impactful Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry in 2022

Some hospitality technology trends come and go and others cause a digital disruption and become widely adopted. In the...

Hotel Technology


9 Unique Upselling Techniques for Hotels in 2022

Hotel managers who don't include upselling in their sales strategy leave money on the table. In 2021, RoomRaccoon...



Hotel Booking Engine: A Guide to More Direct Bookings

A hotel booking engine is a powerful tool that captures direct bookings right on a hotel’s website. No...



What is a Hotel Channel Manager? (Ultimate Guide 2022)

Nowadays, successful hotels promote their rooms and availability across multiple online travel agencies to stay ahead...


RoomRaccoon makes life easier

Never before has it been so easy to receive bookings and assign them to rooms with a single click, add extras, send...


5 Hospitality Trends for 2020

With the new year just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start preparing for 2020. The hospitality industry...


What do you pay for your payments?

Some hoteliers prefer to get paid at check-in, others at check-out. Or perhaps have the OTA charge the booker and you...


6 daily tasks you didn't know you could automate

There are many things you can automate, but sometimes it is difficult to decide which automation tips are worth...


What strategy is right for your hotel?

Written by Adam Clarke Distribution can seem complex. Online Travel Agents, Bed Banks, Wholesalers, Global...


Is Your Accommodation Ready for The Peak Season?

Written by Nathana Summer is around the corner, and everyone is looking for a new destination or making plans for their...


RoomRaccoon in Two Minutes

Written by Nathana RoomRaccoon is an all-in-one solution for hotels, B&B's and apartments. Property Management...


Hotel Booking Engine: What it can do for you?

Written by Nathana How do you get your reservations on your Hotel or B&B? Pen and paper? Or do you still use...


Personalize The Guest Experience At Your B&B

Written by Nathana  The experience of your guests at your hotel or B&B is strongly connected to the...


How to Improve the Payment Process?

  Written by Nathana In a business of any kind, it’s always important to measure your strengths and...


Enhance occupancy rate by improving your online presence

Written by Nathana It is known by hoteliers around the world that cultivating your brand online can bring good results,...


How to Save Costs and Increase Direct Bookings

Written by Nathana As a small accommodation provider, we understand the struggle and pressure to find better strategies...


Email marketing tips for hotels and B&B's

Booking confirmation Once a booking is confirmed, the customer can start preparing his journey. It’s recommended...


The playground of special hotel packages

Written by Genya   It’s a way to allure potential guests to book a room in your hotel or B&B. Everyone...


How to increase my room revenue?

Written by Genya   The hotel industry seemed to have significantly increased as of 2010, but will this success...


Hotel Channel Manager: Do I need one?

Written by Genya   Ever heard of a hotel Channel Manager or wonder why you need one? Let's have a look at what...


You're in charge!

Written by Fern   As a property owner, you probably are known to different kind of OTA’s (online travel...


Top 10 hotel trends for 2018

Written by Genya   Every year, we kind of start the same. We set up goals both personally (eating healthy) and...


Attracting guests to your B&B

Written by Fern   B&B, hotel, holiday home. All of them are very different kind of accommodations with...


Does a successful B&B depend on your managing skills?

Written by Fern   Starting a B&B is something that people often do at their own homes. If you have a few...


Contactless Stay Quality label

At RoomRaccoon, we keep a close eye on all developments surrounding the coronavirus and closely monitor what we can do...


How to market your accommodation for V-Day

February 14, a.k.a Valentine’s Day: love is in the air. Somehow, people are getting a bit bored of giving each...


How to Manage your Hotel's Online Reputation

As more and more travelers turn to reviews as part of researching and planning for their trip, a positive online...


New Year's Resolutions

9 out of 10 people start their year with some "new year, new me" motivation. This not only happens on a personal level,...


How many empty rooms did you have last week?

If you answer this question with (nearly) zero: wow, you are doing great! However, did your business also profit from...