Always maintain the best-kept rooms with hotel housekeeping software

RoomRaccoon’s fully integrated hotel housekeeping software lets you manage your team and your property more effectively. You can organize and assign tasks, track room statuses, and streamline communication with the Housekeepers Mobile View — the housekeeping app.



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Build your housekeeping dream team

Create a unique profile for each team member with roles and responsibilities and contact details with RoomRaccoon’s housekeeping management software. Quickly assign tasks between housekeepers and maintenance workers and monitor individual performance.



Simplify team communication with the housekeeping app

Keep up to date with your team in real-time with the Housekeepers Mobile View. From the housekeeping app, housekeepers can:


RoomRaccon add-ons View their daily duties plus any specific notes for extra tasks, including room add-ons 

RoomRaccoon package deals Start a timer to track progress

RoomRaccoon prestay emails Mark tasks complete

ROOMRaccoon discounts Update the room status 

RoomRaccoon Support Report maintenance issues and submit photo proof

RoomRaccoon booking engine Report lost and found items   

RoomRaccoon analytics Call reception


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Schedule housekeeping on a real-time feed

Save time by bulk scheduling housekeepers a day, week, or months in advance. Set a time limit for tasks, and add notes for specific instructions. With our real-time feed, you can monitor the task’s completion status and any comments posted.



RoomRaccoon PMS

Housekeeping Smart Tasks

Schedule your weekly, monthly or seasonal cleaning and maintenance plan. Bi-weekly window cleaning? Monthly AC maintenance?

Create smart tasks in advance that repeats occasionally, and never forget about the more significant property upkeep chores.

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Room add-ons and services 

The hotel housekeeping software can link your room add-ons to the housekeeping module. Housekeepers can see which rooms require special items for preparation, like placing a baby bed in the room or stocking a premium minibar. 


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Reporting and forecast

Analyze your housekeeping forecast report to anticipate upcoming housekeeping requirements. The forecast displays arrival rooms, stayovers, and check-outs for current and future reservations.

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