Sell your rooms at the right time and for the right price with Yield Management

Our Yield Manager ensures that your rates automatically adjust along with the demand to maximize the revenue generated at your property.



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Set-and-forget yield rules

Create yield rules that automatically adjust your rates in the background while you take care of business as usual.

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Maximize your average daily rate (ADR)

Maximize the amount of money you generate from time-limited inventory like hotel rooms with smart yield management rules.

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Anticipate room-sell-probability

Look at past performance data in the PMS and general industry trends to anticipate your property's room-sell-probability.




Demand-based pricing for every season

With our Yield Manager, you can set rules within the system to determine how prices are adjusted based on occupancy configurations, time of year, level of demand, the number of rooms already sold, and a wide range of external factors.


For example, you could create a smart yield rule that increases your rates by 10% if your occupancy rate is 80% and there are 7 days left to sell your remaining rooms.


RoomRaccoon prestay emails Set yield rules in advance and easily adjust as needed

 RoomRaccoon RevPAR Rate synchronization in the booking engine and across all booking channels

RoomRaccoon online check-in Optimized pricing and selling strategy


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Examples: What is Yield Management in the Hotel Industry?

 Yield management and revenue management are sometimes thought to be the same thing. Although the two concepts are equally essential to help meet your annual revenue targets, yield management techniques are far simpler and quicker to implement and adapt when needed. Let’s take a closer look below. 




Additional features

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Save time with automated front desk tasks like generating invoices.

UK Hotel Booking Engine  Booking Engine >

Capture and process direct bookings directly on your website. 
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UK Hotel Channel Manager  Channel Manager >

Sell all your rooms on multiple booking channels at the same time.

RoomRaccoon Payments  Payment Processing >

Instantly process transactions at any point in the customer journey.
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Revenue Management System  Revenue Management >

Take a closer look at what your competitors are doing with a CompSet.

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