Payment Solutions


Payments should be easy so that you can focus on growing your business. RoomRaccoon integrates with leading payment providers to make payments a natural part of your property management experience.


 RoomRaccoon Stripe integration

Stripe is available for integration in the USA and Canada and is our recommended integration partner for payment processing. The payment service provider is trusted by thousands of businesses across the world. Stripe serves as a payment gateway, payment processor, and merchant account. Through Stripe, you can accept payments from all major debit and credit cards worldwide, including virtual credit cards.





Collect more payments

Open up more channels to collect payments at every guest interaction point, including through your booking engine, pre-arrival emails, and third-party booking channels. 

Reduce administration

All the tedious admin work is handled for you. All invoices automatically update as ‘Paid’ and the Stripe transaction fees are accounted for.

Better guest experience

Offering customers a variety of ways to pay does not only increase customer satisfaction but you’ll also generate more revenue.


Payment Automation

Integrating a payment gateway like Stripe guarantees quick and easy payments through RoomRaccoon’s booking engine and PMS. You can automatically accept online payments and deposits and authorize credit cards at a click of a button.


Payment Dashboard

RoomRaccoon makes tracking every payment easy. Stripe integrates smoothly into our system and shows you a real-time downloadable overview of your payment activity, including; online payments, payments due, credit card charges, etc.


Payment Security

Stripe values SCA (strong customer authentication) and is compliant with the newest version of 3D Secure payments (2.0). Online bookers will need to complete an extra verification step to lower the risk of chargebacks and secure the payments safely. 


In addition, all sensitive credit card information is tokenized to avoid the exposure of personal card information. RoomRaccoon does not store credit card information in the system due to security regulations.




1. How much are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees will differ based on the card type (credit, debit) and payment method. 


  • 0.5%  + C$0.80 for iDEAL
  • 4.4% + C$0.30 for Bancontact & Giropay
  • 3.4% + C$0.25 for credit cards
  •  0.5% + $0.80 for iDEAL
  • 4.4% + $0.30 for Bancontact & Giropay
  • 3.4% + $0.25 for credit cards


2. How does the integration work?

Ready to connect your RoomRaccoon HMS to Stripe? All you have to do is get in touch with Stripe to choose a plan and set up an account. Already have an account? Simply, connect with Stripe in RoomRaccoon’s payment settings menu, activate your existing account and you're good to go.


3. How often are Stripe payouts?

Payout availability can vary based on the country you’re operating in. In the United States, the payout speed is 2 business days. However, Stripe now offers accelerated payout speeds for users in Europe and Canada, with funds available within 3 business days. After meeting certain criteria based on risk and history with Stripe, users in Europe and Canada are eligible for this faster payout speed option. Learn more here.