Beat your competition with smart automation. Always have the best rates on the right dates.

Time is limited and competition is tough. Our rate planner pulls in prices from your designated competitors and assures that you always have the most attractive prices on all the relevant channels. Maximizing your chances of securing bookings.

☑️  Manage All Your Rates in One Place

☑️  Competitive Rate Adjustment

☑️ Detailed Rate Planning

☑️ Increase your RevPAR by up to 14%



roomraccoon yield manager






Of course as a hotelier you want your RevPAR (Revenue per available room) to be as high as possible. The Yield Management tool in RoomRaccoon is a good solution for this, but it only looks at the present. The question you ask yourself in this case is what my occupancy rate is now and how do I adjust my price to that? In this case, you are in the process of matching supply and demand, so Yield Management is certainly a good basis.


What is RaccoonRev?

With RaccoonRev you can manage your prices even smarter. With RaccoonRev you no longer only look at the now and the occupancy rate of your own accommodation. With RaccoonRev you look to the future and your competition. This creates a much wider field of vision and, as they say: measure = know

With Yield Management you can increase your RevPAR by an average of 5%, with RaccoonRev this can even go up to more than 10%! RaccoonRev gives you an overview, up to 60 days in the future.



When you start using RaccoonRev, you can choose three competitors to base your RaccoonRev on. Not only can you see their prices per day, but they are already fully booked for certain days. This allows you to easily adjust your own prices. You can easily take advantage of competition and the market and charge a higher room rate during peak periods or drop the room rate to be competitive. With RaccoonRev you are ahead of your competitors.


Which competitors do you choose?

That is a question we regularly receive. The best advice we can give is that you should go for competitors that you know are actively involved in revenue management and can therefore respond to their competitive pricing policy.


Booking Engine performance report

In addition to an overview of what your competitors do, RaccoonRev also includes an extensive performance report of your online Booking Engine. An important tool in obtaining more direct bookings. With this comprehensive report you can always see how your Booking Engine is performing on a daily basis and determine whether you can optimize it. An average of 100 visitors per day on booking engine makes 10 bookings. Suppose you have raised or lowered room prices and see that your conversion rate has dropped to 2%, you can take action.