Compete against major OTAs for direct bookings with Google Hotel Ads

Struggling to capture visibility online? Google Hotel Ads can display your hotel availability and rates on Google Search, Maps, and the Assistant and send customers to your site to book direct. 



RoomRaccoon Google Hotel Ads



Get more exposure and reach new guests online

Did you know that 57% of travelers start the process of booking on Google? The only way to nab a top spot on Google Search is to run your own Google Ads campaign and be front and center for search queries like “hotels in New York” or “eco-friendly hotels in California.”


Increase direct bookings by 43%

With Google Hotel Ads as part of your hotel marketing strategy, you don’t need to spend much to see immediate results. A well-planned Google Ads campaign can boost your direct sales, resulting in more effective control of the guest experience.


Connect your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine 

to Google Hotel Ads

Connect your RoomRaccoon booking engine to Google Hotel Ads and let guests book in just a few easy steps.



Hassle-free setup, bidding, and billing  

You don’t need a dedicated ads manager to use RoomRaccoon’s Google Hotel Ads integration. We take care of everything. RoomRaccoon is a premium partner of Google Hotel Ads. You benefit from a pay-per-stay model and only pay when a traveler completes a stay they booked through your hotel ad. 


Build brand loyalty, and boost revenue through upsells


More direct bookings mean more opportunities for upselling inventory and room upgrades — and ultimately increase your revenue.




1. What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads is the largest metasearch channel. It is operated by Google and integrated with its other services, including its main search engine, the Google Maps service, and the AI-powered Google Assistant. The platform works by presenting information about hotels and their room availability to potential customers who enter relevant search queries.


2. How do Google Hotel Ads work?

When customers search for a hotel on Google Search or Maps, they’ll see a hotel search module with photos, names, prices, and maps. This provides the opportunity to perform quick room rate comparisons and offers links to different booking engines, allowing customers to find the best possible price.

When they select a hotel, they’ll see up-to-date prices and links to book directly with that hotel for the dates and number of guests they select. 


3. How much does Google Hotel Ads cost?

The cost per booking with Google Hotel Ads is less than the average cost per booking for OTAs. Compared to the industry average cost per booking of 18% for OTAs, Google Hotel Ads allows you to gain direct bookings for less than an OTA reservation.


4. How do we set up your Google Hotel Search Ads?

Integration is easy! Simply request the connectivity for Google Hotel Ads, and one of our friendly Customer Success managers will take care of the details on your behalf.