Fast and efficient check-in 

RaccoonID is a digital bar-code scanner that scans guests' passport documents by reading the bar codes and auto-fills guest information in the correct fields in the system. Scanning allows for fast, contactless processing during manual and online check-in.








Identity card scanner

RaccoonID uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for 100% accurate data extraction from guest ID documents such as passports. Guest details such as first name and last name, country of origin, date of birth, and ID number are instantly populated and saved in the ‘guest details’ section in RoomRaccoon’s PMS.   


Additional features:

Identity card scan: OCR technology for 100% data extraction and accuracy.

Security: Data is safely stored in the PMS. GDPR compliant.

Identity verification: Secure method of verifying guests’ identities.



Contactless online check-in 

Add another layer of convenience to your online check-in process. With RaccoonID, guests can easily scan their own ID documents using the camera on their mobile phones or tablets when they check-in remotely and significantly reduce the time they spend at your front desk. 


How does online check-in work?

When the guest receives the pre-arrival email, he or she has the option to check-in online. Once they have clicked on the link, they are redirected to the online check-in form where they can scan their ID documents. This auto-populates all the information into the online check-in form. 


Additional benefits:

Fast and efficient check-in: Reduce check-in queues and let guests kick up their feet sooner.

Save time: Fast check-in allows staff to spend more time on the guest experience.

Reduce human error: ID scanning ensures an accurate account of all guests checked in.



Improved guest experience

Allow guests who traveled from far to kick up their feet sooner. By eliminating tedious manual input during busy check-in times, front desk receptionists won’t have to work under pressure and can still welcome guests with a quick tour and small talk. 

This easy-to-install technology will drive efficiency, promote guest safety with contactless check-in and allow more time for personal interaction with your guests. 


RaccoonID is available as an upgrade. View our packages here.