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Start saving time now

Start saving time now

With a Channel Manager you can really save a lot of time. In no time your offer is on your selection of OTAs. Manually adding rooms to is now a thing of the past.

No more overbookings

No more overbookings

Thanks to the real-time synchronization, your room offer is updated immediately after a booking on all external booking channels and the booking engine. Say goodbye to overbookings!

Increase your occupancy rate

Increase your occupancy rate

Want to increase the occupancy rate of your hotel? With the Channel Manager you can quickly place your room availability to new booking channels. Empty rooms cost money after all!

Real-time synchronization

Real-time synchronization

Thanks to automatic synchronization, your room availability on booking channels remains up-to-date. If a guest cancels a room, it will be immediately available on the other OTA websites.

Use Channel Manager?

Are you in possession of a holiday home and do you want to increase the occupancy rate considerably? Then a Channel Manager is the solution that you are looking for. With a Channel Manager you can easily offer your holiday home on numerous websites of OTA's (Online Travel Agencies). You can also decide yourself which external booking channels you want to use to generate a higher capacity utilization. The most popular booking channels are and AirBnB. But you can also choose to use HomeAway or Tripadvisor. The possibilities are endless in any case. Do you want to try the Channel Manager yourself? Create a free account!

Do I need a Channel Manager?

If you want to achieve a higher occupancy rate for your holiday home, deploying a Channel Manager is very interesting. Your holiday home is immediately visible on websites with thousands if not millions of visitors. It is therefore the ideal way to present your holiday home. Do you regularly deal with those annoying transfers? With the Channel Manager of RoomRaccoon, overbookings will become history, because the number of overbookings is minimized. You no longer need to send emails or make calls to disappoint visitors. The room availability is namely directly updated after a booking.

Get rid of those overbookings!

It is very annoying for every hotel owner, bed and breakfast owner or owner of a holiday home. Overbookings are simply not desirable. Do you not yet work with a Channel Manager and manage the availability of the rooms manually on the external booking channels? Then the chance is definitely present that an overbooking will take place. But how do you do that when someone places a reservation via your own website or by phone? A lot of hassle all that can easily be solved with a Channel Manager. If your holiday home is booked, the availability is immediately adjusted to the other booking channels.

More than just a Channel Manager

If you want to use the Bed & Breakfast software from RoomRaccoon, you can not only benefit from our Channel Manager. How about a user-friendly Property Management System? This can save you a lot of time because this software works in the cloud and is accessible from any type of device. But we also offer a powerful Booking Engine. If you have your own website, you can easily and quickly place your availability on it. Visitors can then immediately make a booking. No more e-mails or phone calls that you have to handle for a reservation. Just the current room availability on your own website.

Happy customers

"The integration and automation of the RoomRaccoon system - that reduces the need for manual intervention - is a revolution in hotel management software."

Jayson — O'Two Hotel

"Training on RoomRaccoon is a breeze compared to some other systems. As a team we really understand the RoomRaccoon system."

Aimee — Clouds Estate Boutique Hotel

"We began to generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier. I have saved so much time since we started using RoomRaccoon."

Ellen Rose — La Providence