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The playground of special hotel packages



We'll give you a few special hotel packages ideas!


Bikes are best - package

One of the… No. The most popular package of Holland is the bike package. Everyone rides a bike in Holland, but a lot of people want to ride a bike in another country as well. Or a scooter, motor or think of other means of transport. Think of the transportation possibilities nearby your hotel. 


Family first - package

Want to welcome parents with their children? A package, including a playground or theme park can do the trick. Or... even better: offer a "kids stay, play and eat for free" hotel special package. No parent can resist when their child can play and stay for free.


Luxe & leisure - package

You don't necessary need a high-class luxury room when the room meets other luxury services. You may have a special-edition champagne, bring a black & white chocolate fountain for breakfast and offer a late check-out. Special services make a stay feel luxurious as well.


Stay more, save more - package

When people stay longer, you reward them with a discount. It's a great tactic for weekend guests to extent their stay a little longer. With this, youe occupancy rate on Sunday will probably rise.


Short term events - package

Is there a theatre, concert or other event nearby your hotel or B&B? Use it. Use it to attract potential guests to your hotel. Your hotel is now not only a place to sleep, it's a place to enjoy a festive concert, a creative workshop or dramatic theatre as well!


Ultimate relaxation - package

Everything is busy. Everyone wants to relax. That's why you want to put 'relaxation' in your hotel special package; it's alluring for everyone. Can you get a masseuse to come, have a yoga class in your hotel or is there a wellness center nearby? Start with relaxing music and find ideas to create the ultimate relaxation package.


Wine & dine - package

Everyone needs to eat, right? Create a special dining experience: a monster meat meal or chocolate brunch. Or reach out to the largest restaurants in town and work together to get hotel guests to eat at the restaurant, and vice versa, for a special price.


Get away from carnival - package

Is there a holiday or event that lots of people dislike? You may want to create a nice getaway to flight the scene. Many Dutch people hate carnival and that's how hotel Van der Valk responds to this movement: a stay without a shred of carnival.


Spring is here - package

Widely-used by many hotels: the seasonal package or holiday package Many hoteliers will start soon with the Eastern package. Often, this seasonal package is just a normal package deal with a dining voucher. But, put some Eastern eggs and a bunny with it… and there you have it: the Eastern package.


Make plans for me - package

Lots of people don't want to think when they're finally away, which makes an itinerary package perfect for them. You have to work for it, but it might be worth it. Arrange a full schedule - from the tourist attraction in the afternoon to the drink they have at night.


Happy honeymoon - package

A little bit standard, but it should be in the list: the honeymoon package. Rose petals, sensual music, lightening, and candles are all things you shouldn't forget to place in the room. And… make sure the bed doesn't squick.


Happy divorced - package

A little less standard, but apparently it already exists. And... maybe it's not so crazy as so many people are getting divorced. The idea behind the divorce package is: getting people divorced as fast and easy as possible. Guests show up for the mediation class to work things out and try to relax in the meantime. When they'll get back: they're relaxed.


As the final package shows: be creative. It's a playground! Your playground.


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