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RoomRaccoon in Two Minutes


Written by Nathana

RoomRaccoon is an all-in-one solution for hotels, B&B's and apartments. Property Management SoftwareBooking Engine and Channel Manager. Simple, clever and completely tailored for the independent hotelier. Counting with a vast experience in the hospitality sector and being hoteliers ourselves, we know what works best! Our software is made to improve and automate your property business.


Property Management System


PMS icons


No matter where you are, take your PMS with you and manage your hotel with no hassle. RoomRaccoon is cloud based, which means it works on any device as long as it has an internet connection. The Property Management System registers your bookings, your guests’ preferences and generate valuable reports. RoomRaccoon has the answer to your needs, keeping everything easy as it should be. 


Channel Manager


Icons Channel Manager


Ensure your visibility and expose your property in as many OTAs as you can without fearing overbookings. With a Channel Manager linked to the Property Management System your external booking channels can be taken care of, and your availability is always updated on every channel, as well as in your own website. That also goes to your rates and booking agendas. It’s time to say goodbye to overbookings and hello to more precious time. Click here to read a detailed article about our Channel Manager.


Booking Engine


Booking Engine Icons


Also known as Hotel Booking Module or Online Booking System, Booking Engine is a software that is implemented on your property website. This tool makes possible to check your rates and availability, and allows the customer to book a room in your hotel within a few clicks. Thanks to this feature, your property can get up to 27% more direct bookings. Like everything in our system, it is linked to the Property Management System and you’re able to customize it the way it suits your corporate identity, add as many photos you want and link it to your Google My Business page. Click here to check all you need to know about RoomRaccoon's Booking Engine.


Filled with other great features


Features of RoomRaccoon


RoomRaccoon offers you many other amazing features while remaining simple and easy to use. Have you ever thought about having automatic e-mails to confirm your bookings, or being able to personalize your guests stay according to their preferences? And that’s not everything, you can have it all.

The hospitality business is moving and never standing, neither is the development of RoomRaccoon. Ready to try the software for free? Get your free demo version now!