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Personalize The Guest Experience At Your B&B


Written by Nathana 

The experience of your guests at your hotel or B&B is strongly connected to the personalization of your services. With data-driven personalization on the rise, the new trend in the hospitality sector is how to deliver customized services using technology in your favor. But what does it mean to you, as an independent hotelier? The answer to these questions is on the guest data. What kind of activities do they enjoy the most? Is the guest coming for leisure or business? Are they allergic to nuts or lactose intolerant? Do they need special treatment? There are so many questions you can ask! But more important: how can you compile all answers without getting lost in the paperwork?

Collecting and using information

If your guests are new in your B&B and you’re wondering how this information can be figured out before your guests’ arrival, that should be simple if you have a Booking Engine implemented on your website. A Booking Engine is also called Hotel Booking Module and it allows your guests to reserve a room using your website, without needing assistance. The guests can check their own preferences, inform any intolerances, allergies or disabilities. You also can ask if they need a parking space, a baby cot or even breakfast in bed. The possibilities are enormous!

On the other hand, if the subject is returning guests, your Property Management System should be able to collect and store information from past stays in a secure database. A single view of your guests’ profile it’s enough to provide precious and comprehensive insights on how your property can better serve them. Preparing amenities in advance can make your guests feel appreciated, which will probably lead them to return once again.

Achieving more sales

Getting to know your guests’ preferences is also a nice way to generate more sales on your property. When offering different services, you can also work with extras and upsell package deals, like renting a bicycle and offering massage services. Potential guests will always be able to get these extras directly, saving a lot of time for you and specially for your customers. In the end, customizing is all about the data you collect. It’s also known that by understanding your guests it becomes easier not only to interact with them, but also making better recommendations based on your guests’ preferences.

If you’re a B&B owner, your guests would definitely expect a more personal approach coming from your property. We understand that different hotels have different technology requirements, but good Property Management Systems are not restricted to big hotel chains only. RoomRaccoon wants to help the independent hoteliers to reach these expectations, with the most complete and tailored all-in-one software in the market. Besides being an PMS, RoomRaccoon is also a Booking EngineChannel Manager and is filled with other clever features. Request your free demo and have one of our industry experts guiding you through the process.