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How to Manage your Hotel's Online Reputation


As more and more travelers turn to reviews as part of researching and planning for their trip, a positive online reputation is critical to the success of hotels. Of course, it’s frustrating that you can’t control what people say about your property. With the world-wide-web being as booming as it is, one disgruntled guest can ruin your entire business.

According to research recently conducted by TripAdvisor, up to 96% of clients chose a hotel based on the reviews they read online; what’s more, 53% of clients deliberately avoided hotels which did not have any feedback or client reviews published online. Here are 5 tips to help you work on your online reputation.

1. Take Feedback Seriously
We get that it’s very appealing to delete bad or poor reviews. But an important tip that we can give you is: never remove them! Take a good look at your reviews and analyze them. Try to find patterns which emerge from your reviews over the years and take steps according to that. Taking action will stop negative reviews from repeating themselves and create a steady flow of good reviews that hopefully lead to more referrals. Mark out the praises and use them as leverage, if possible, in your marketing.

2. Always respond to negative reviews
It’s never nice when someone slams your business in public. While it’s tempting to return fire, there are actually positive things you can do improve the worst reviews. And it starts with a quick response. Brand reputation experts Reputology on a blog mentioned that response time is one of the most important factors in improving a bad review. Customers want to feel heard – especially the angry ones – and sometimes a friendly message is all it takes.

3. Use Google Alerts
Use Google Alerts to receive instant updates whenever your hotel’s name is mentioned online. By keeping an eye on your name, you can keep your reputation safe. It makes it easier to be presented wherever your name is mentioned and respond to the comments made.

4. Social Media
It’s important to stay active on social media, as it gives guests a good way to engage with your brand. Find a method that works for your hotel, whether that’s answering guest questions or concerns via Twitter, sharing inspiring travel photos on Instagram, or posting your blog content on Facebook. Just remember to post regularly and use a consistent brand voice throughou

5. Reputation Management Tools
Reputation and review management solutions aggregate all forms of guest feedback from across the web to help hoteliers read, respond, and analyze the feedback in an efficient manner. Check our partner page to find our more about the possibilities that you have with RoomRaccoons integration partners.