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Is Your Accommodation Ready for The Peak Season?


Written by Nathana

Summer is around the corner, and everyone is looking for a new destination or making plans for their next holiday. It’s an exciting time for your guests and, of course, for your property as well! Your mission as a hotelier is to keep up with their expectations, making sure that everything in your business will run smoothly. There are so many things to care for, and we know it can be a little bit overwhelming. This article will give you some insights into how you can focus on your strongest points to maximize your earning potential and provide a pleasant experience to your customers during the next peak season.


Focus on email marketing

You’ll probably agree with us that it is always easier to bring past customers back to your accommodation. They have already experienced your facilities and are familiar with them, so it is wise not to forget them during this period. Be sure to send a proper newsletter to remind them of your property and put you in the front line. You can also offer packages and discount codes for direct bookings; it’s up to you and your strategy. It’s good to keep in mind that the peak season is a great time to grow contacts and mailing lists for the future.


Be prepared for events in your area

Game matches, festivals, or any kind of attraction, any possibility is always an opportunity to get more buzz in your community. It is not only important to know when these events will happen, but it’s also clever to be prepared in advance for it. You can start by asking the right questions: Are the room rates adjusted? Is the staff well trained? Is your facility in good condition? These are only some of them, so don’t miss a trick.


Improve your pricing strategy

Are your room rates competitive with the market? You can consider adopting a revenue management strategy as a key factor to increase your property revenue. One of the most important ways to do it is by creating a pricing strategy based on anticipated demand, meaning that your price will depend on how high your demand will be on that period. To do this, you should consult your historical data from past high seasons, such as occupancy, average spend per room, room prices and revenue. With this information, you should decide your next steps more wisely.


Avoid overbookings

Easier said than done, right? Even the most experienced hotelier will face an overbooking once in a while, and you know how stressful it can be. Nevertheless, some accommodation providers still use overbooking as a strategy to anticipate possible cancellations, which is completely unprofessional and not worth the risk. To avoid possible cancellations, it is much better to revise your cancellation policies in this period and implement a minimum length of stay. If you have those fixed, losing revenue will rarely be a problem.


Get more time for your guests

Apart from all the administrative tasks that we can’t run away from, wouldn’t it be nice to have some daily time to pamper your guests, making sure they feel welcome? All this massive workload you commonly find during these periods can be significantly reduced with the help of RoomRaccoon, an all-in-one management tool made for the independent hotelier. Click here to get to know more about RoomRaccoon features or ask for your free demo.