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How to increase my room revenue?



5 tips to increase your room revenue:

Tip #1 - Adjust the room rate

Supply and demand, that’s the game you want to play to increase room revenue. When the demand is high, you increase the room price; you lower the room rate when there’s little or no demand. Of course, you can use other pricing strategies, but understanding this game stands at the base of every pricing strategy. You may think altering room rates is difficult or risky? Not with a PMS with integrated Channel Manager!


Tip #2 - Offer special packages

What can you do to make a stay in your hotel more alluring? Can you collaborate with the boat company down the river or with the museum in the city centre? Teaming up with neighbouring companies can make a big difference, because you can offer much more than only a stay in your hotel. Just by composing special packages and arrangements.


Tip #3 - Up-selling and cross-selling 

Upselling and cross selling are popular marketing techniques. When you have different room types, you can use upselling techniques (e.g., when a guest booked a basic room, you can ask him if he's interested in trying out the premium room upon a small fee). Cross selling is about selling little extras (add-ons), such as a bottle of Prosecco, extra bed or taxi-transfer, to earn a little extra. You can simply add these add-ons in the Booking Engine.


Tip #4 - Attend events

When there’s an event, there are people. That’s why events are an interesting opportunity for hotels and B&B’s to be present and sell rooms. So, find events in your neighbourhood and promote a stay in your hotel or B&B, or work together with the event’s manager.


Tip #5 - Increase the length-of-stay

A lot of people stay in your hotel for the weekend, so they check-out on Sunday. Sunday is often one of the hardest days to sell amongst most hoteliers. Try to make the unpopular days more alluring, for instance by giving them a discount or presenting them with a special package. Increasing the length-of-stay will definitely increase your room revenue.


Did my room revenue increase?

After implementing these tips, you want to see if your room rate really grew. By use of a Property Management System (PMS) you can see it instantly. Make a fair comparison with the period in which you made the changes with the period prior to the changes. Did you see an increase in your room revenue? Let us know!