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How to Improve the Payment Process?



Written by Nathana

In a business of any kind, it’s always important to measure your strengths and weaknesses. It’s especially critical to focus on your weak points and what you can do to enhance your daily tasks. As an example, in this article we will focus on the payment process, something that can be the Achilles’ heel of independent hoteliers.

For a guest who just arrived from a long trip, it is really upsetting to deal with a slow payment terminal or having to provide his credit card details, even though it has been previously entered on the prepayment. As for a hotelier or B&B owner, the problem is on keeping track of your receipts and the staff finds it hard to check if a payment has already been made or not. We know the drill and how time consuming it can be.

Nonetheless, if your property counts with an Integrated Payment Solution, these annoyances can be wiped out, your process can be quicker and your customers will be much more satisfied. First, let’s explain what this is all about and what an Integrated Payment Solution can do for you.

What are Integrated Payments? Do I really need it? 

An integrated payment solution automates payment acceptance, and allows transactions from debit/credit cards to be processed directly from your Property Management System. Which means that there’s no need to enter the transaction details manually or even swipe cards. All payments can be processed within one click, and all your guest details will be safely stored in your property management system.

You definitely should pay attention on how fast you get paid. If you are manually entering and reconciling payments with accounting or other solutions, you are wasting time with redundant data entry, and increasing the likelihood of human error. Integrating your payments will save time for both parties and of course it will eliminate the chance of mistakes. Not to mention the reduce on labor and paper costs!

How your B&B can benefit from using an Integrated Payment Solution?

We’ve made a list with some of the perks of working with an integrated payments solution. See below!

  • More financial visibility and control. When you integrate payment processing information with your Property Management Software and accounting software, the information is automatically recorded, providing you with better visibility and the efficiency to create more up-to-date and accurate reports.
  • Time is money, so save money! By using an integrated payment solution, you’ll notice a significant reduction of costs due to the automated nature of the process. There will be no need to hire employees to monitor transactions, verify financial data, or maintain bookkeeping. In a small property where one employee plays different roles, that makes a huge difference! You’ll also be free of bank merchant fees. 
  • Minimize risk of human error thanks to an integrated payment solution’s ability to provide you accurate, error-free reports and data entry.
  • Your property will be able to provide a better customer service by improving your payment process and checkout experience and relieving your guests frustrations, making sure that the service will reach their expectations, which is also good for your reputation and brand image.

If you are you ready to automate your payment process, or simply want to know more about this feature, we would love to help you out! RoomRaccoon is an all in one solution made for independent hotels, B&B’s and apartments. Besides being an Property Management SoftwareBooking Engine and Channel Manager, RoomRaccoon also has an integrated payment solution made for the independent hotelier. Click below and get 30 days trial period for free!


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