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Hotel Housekeeping Software: 5 Must-Have Features

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Keeping a hotel running smoothly requires a lot of coordination; it's a tough job that could be much easier if you had the right hotel housekeeping software.


With this software in place, you will be able to track your housekeeping team's activities and progress and access crucial information. 

Having the right tools and features at your disposal can make all the difference in the world when it comes to streamlining processes and saving you time. Here are the top five must-have features of great housekeeping software.


1. Housekeeping app to keep your productivity everywhere

Hotel housekeeping apps is the new contactless way to streamline communication within a hotel and help the housekeeping and maintenance teams get the work done. 


How does it work?


With the use of the app, housekeepers can log in with their contact information to view their housekeeping schedule for the day and week ahead. After cleaning a room, they can mark the task as "complete", and it will update the front desk. They can also report lost items or maintenance issues by taking photos and submitting them through the app. 


Housekeeping apps like RoomRaccoon have timers to monitor and record time spent on different activities. This greatly improves efficiency. The housekeeping manager can allocate time for cleaning and maintenance —for example, 40-minutes to clean a luxury suite and 30-minutes to clean a double room


Housekeepers can "start" and "complete" tasks from the palm of their hand.




Benefits of using hotel housekeeping apps




2. Real-time room status dashboard


Scheduling housekeeping so that work can be completed in the allotted time can be a real challenge. Effective time management is essential to avoid the awkward conversation of asking guests to wait for their room after checking in. 


A good housekeeping manager knows the status of rooms at all times, and it's even easier to stay on top of it all with hotel housekeeping software that displays a real-time feed of room statuses. At any given moment, you can see the status of a hotel room and assign dirty rooms to available housekeepers. 


Types of room statuses seen on a real-time housekeeping feed:


  • Dirty rooms
  • Cleaning in progress
  • Ready to be inspected
  • Needs to be freshened up
  • Inspected 
  • Maintenance in progress


3. Additional housekeeping and maintenance tasks 




There are unique tasks that won't always make the daily housekeeping schedule. For instance, a hotel may only change lightbulbs annually and deep clean carpets monthly. Housekeeping managers must plan for these types of routine housekeeping tasks. 


With hotel housekeeping software, you no longer have to pencil in important property upkeep chores in a notebook, leaving room for potential errors and missed deadlines. 


RoomRaccoon's housekeeping module with Smart Tasks makes it easy to schedule additional tasks that repeat weekly, monthly, or annually in advance so that your team is instantly notified via the housekeeping app and has enough time to prepare. 



4. Manage room add-ons and stayovers


If you upsold in-room extras during check-in or guests requested extra pillows, your housekeeping team needs to know about it to prepare the room for arriving guests. 


If your housekeeping software integrates into your PMS, it's easy to link your reservation add-ons to your housekeeping schedule. In fact, with RoomRaccoon, you can take it a step further by allocating time limits for additional tasks like arranging a cheese platter (30 minutes) or stocking a premium minibar (20 minutes). 



5. Housekeeping reporting and forecasting


Most housekeepers work on rotation, so the housekeeping manager must anticipate busy periods and schedule shifts accordingly. With the addition of housekeeping software that has convenient functionality like reporting and forecasting, you'll never be caught off guard. 


The forecast shows your check-ins, check-outs, and stayovers for the weeks ahead. You can also apply filters to preview a forecast for specific room types and reservation statuses. 



Wrapping up


Housekeeping is the most important daily task for hotel managers. Hotel housekeeping software helps manage teams and guest requests and improves communication between housekeeping and the front desk. 


RoomRaccoon is an all-in-one hotel management system with an integrated housekeeping module and housekeeping app that brings all the information you need in one place.