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Hotel Channel Manager: Do I need one?

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What is a hotel Channel Manager? 

The most important task is managing all booking channels (reservation websites) of a hotel or B&B. Most of the hotel owners have multiple booking channels, such as can actually be seen as the Google for some, because people use it as Google to look for the right accommodation. But… there are many more booking channels!


Ever heard of, and These are examples of other booking channels.

And, finally, the most important one: the Booking Engine. The Booking Engine is placed on a hotel's website and it replaces the former contact-page with solely a telephone number.


So, hotels and B&Bs have multiple booking channels options and you probably figure that all these different booking channels should be managed properly. This means: when a reservation is made on a specific room via one booking channel, that same room should be closed on all other booking channels. This right here 'the communication between booking channels' is one of the most important responsibilities of a Channel Manager. Because when communication goes poorly, overbookings will be the result.


So, why do you need a Hotel Channel Manager?

Using a Hotel Channel Manager has a lot of advantages. To sum some up:


  • - More revenue: By offering your rooms on multiple reservation websites (globally) the change you get found by more people is much higher. 
  • - No more overbookings. A hotel Channel Manager keeps your room availability always up to date on all booking channels, which makes it impossible to get overbooked.
  • - Smart price strategies. Want to alter the price effectively depending on specific times or periods (e.g. lower room prices on a Sunday), this too can easily be done with the Channel Manager.
  • - Have more free time. As your room availability is automatically updated, you have more free time to spend on your guests (or to finally plan your own little holiday :)).


Who is your best hotel Channel Manager? 

So, I hope you now know what a Channel Manager is and why you need one... but what to look for in a Channel Manager? The most important characteristics of a Channel Manager are fast, concise, and the ability to communicate directly (which helps to prevent miscommunications). Hotels or B&B's can hire a person as Channel Manager, but when we take a closer look… we'll see that different problems arise when a Channel Manager person is hired:


  • - First, a person who's only responsible for Channel Management, will probably be assigned to other tasks as well. For instance, whenever the hotel owner notices that there's not enough bread for next morning's breakfast, it might be alluring to pass the task along to the Channel Manager.


  • - Second, reservations can be made all over the world and due to time differences, problems will arise. When it's 12.00 p.m. in the Netherlands, it's 22.00 in Australia. Your Channel Manager person would not be thrilled to wake up at night to adjust the room availability.


  • - Finally, human error. People are forgetful and they make mistakes. People may forget to pass on the new room availability on, when a new reservation is made on


An easier, more efficient and affordable way to avoid this is… drum roll… Hotel Channel Management Software.


What can hotel Channel Management Software do for me?

Hotel Channel Management Software can do the same as a Hotel Channel Manager person, but it's faster, more concise and communicates directly (the things were looking for, right?). With such a Channel Management tool, it's easy to adjust room availability and make price alterations on all booking channels.


By use of channel management software, overbookings are past tense because your room availability is always up to date on all channels. And because of this, you can go connect your hotel or B&B with as many booking channels as you want, all over the world. And… by having more distribution channels (globally), your sales will grow!


Simply put, you need hotel Channel Management software.


RoomRaccoon's Channel Management Software 

We noticed that Channel Management is not always easy, but it is almost a necessity for all hotels & B&B's. That's why we established an all-in-one hotel software system, including a fast and concise Channel Manager, a Booking Engine that stimulates direct bookings and a Property Management System that calculates invoices automatically.


Want to know more about RoomRaccoon's Channel Manager? You can start your free and personalized trial or have a chat with one of our skilled and friendly Raccoons.