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Hotel Booking Engine: What it can do for you?


Written by Nathana

How do you get your reservations on your Hotel or B&B? Pen and paper? Or do you still use contact forms on your website? If the answer is yes to any of these last two questions, be aware that this is not what your guest is looking for when searching for a place to stay. Nowadays, there’s no such thing as calling the front desk to make a reservation, most of people want to book online, and instantly. After mentioning the myriad of benefits that a Hotel Channel Manager can bring to your Hotel of B&B, we will guide you through the importance of having a Booking Engine connected to your property website.

Since it can play a major role on your revenue strategy, this feature is considered a key for success by industry experts. We are sure you’ve heard about a Booking Engine or have at least an idea of how it works. If you don’t, it’s fine, we’ll gladly explain how it works. Let’s start with the basics: what is a Booking Engine anyway?

What is a Booking Engine?

Also known as Hotel Booking Module or Online Booking System, Booking Engine is a software that is implemented on your property website. This tool makes possible to check your rates and availability, and allows the customer to book a room in your hotel within a few clicks. Using a Booking Engine, your hotel can also sell rooms through Facebook ads and other social media websites. But why this is important? 

Booking Engine

Benefits of a Booking Engine

  1. No commissions to OTA’s

    The hotel industry knows the importance of OTA’s: they give your property great exposure to travelers around the world, provides confidence and helps to build trust to your brand. But as everything in life, some balance is definitely needed. If all your bookings come from a third party, your revenue will be limited to pay commissions to these companies.
  2. Total control over arrangements and extras

    Be in charge of your package deals and use your creativity to increase sales. These options can be visible in the Booking Engine, offering different possibilities to your guests. On the booking page it’s also possible to check their preferences and inform any allergies or disabilities, improving their experience at your property.
  3. Payments fully integrated

    Your guest will be able to use credit cards and pay directly from your website, no need to swipe cards or enter details manually. All procedure is made by the system, which will safely process the booking and payment details, including extra fees. This will surely save time for both you and your customer.
  4. Your guests can book in their own language

    That’s one of the main reasons why travelers choose to book on OTA’s instead of your website. A traveler can sort simple things out if he doesn’t understand the language of the country he’s in, but when it comes to reserve hotels, we all would prefer to do it on our own language, right? A Booking Engine gives you the possibility to have your booking page in several different languages, enhancing your international exposure. You can simply choose which one works best for you and your property.
  5. Design your booking page to your own corporate identity

    Your booking page can match your brand, and you can choose your corporate colors, pictures of your rooms and include your logo, making it look like it was made for you and you only. Cool right?
  6. Direct link to your Channel Manager

    Having to deal with different channels plus your own booking platform doesn’t need to be always a hassle. A good Booking Engine will offer direct integration to your Channel Manager. This feature will make your room inventory visible in all channels at the same time, saving you from overbookings caused by human error.
  7. More direct bookings

    Did you know that most travelers check the hotel website before booking through an OTA? Of course, we’re all looking for better prices and most of your guests are aware that they can get it by booking directly with you. Definitely one of the major benefits of a Booking Engine is that hoteliers get a noticeable increase on their direct bookings, that should be no surprise, as the guest will now count with a better and faster way to finalize his reservation.

Are you Ready for Change?

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