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Does a successful B&B depend on your managing skills?


Written by Fern


Starting a B&B is something that people often do at their own homes. If you have a few rooms left, why not rent them out to travellers or tourists? Or opening a small hotel and having a small amount of people working for you is something that some people dream of and just do. But does that mean that everyone needs to have perfect managing skills, or are these skills not decisive for success?


A hotel manager is one of the key people within the hotel or B&B. If a manager is effective, then the staff will also be effective and the hotel will send out positive vibes. Generally, hotel managers should at least find themselves in most of the following skills:


  1. Good communication skills
  2. Good interpersonal skills
  3. Teamplayer
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Motivational skills
  6. Remaining calm under pressure


Not all your thing? Don’t worry, luckily you can learn a great deal of these skills and also, it’s how you deal with it in the reality. If you know you are not the right person to manage the place, then maybe it is wise to hire a manager. It is no shame to be the owner and not the manager. If you do want to manage your place yourself but you know you might be a little chaotic at times then try and make it yourself as easy as possible. By using systems that guide you in the right direction, you will make your life and your staffs life a lot easier.


If it is the change that scares you, go for an easy system. But note that easy does not mean basic or the cheapest in the market! This is a common mistake made by people in general. Managers who go from nothing to something tend to look at the pricing and go for the basic stuff because they think they will not use everything. Fair enough, probably is a legit reason in some cases but it might be wise to stay open minded to extra functions too. What is the phrase about not knowing what you need until you have it? Take mobile phones for example. If you would ask people in 1990 about the extra function of mobile phones they would almost all say ‘I don’t need it’ and look at the world now! It will expand your current working method and who knows, maybe you will like a few features you haven’t heard of before. For example, revenue management. Creating the perfect price based on your occupancy and availability. Imagine the time it will save if this is done automatically and how much money you can actually make on this. If every weekend say your prices go up with 20 Euros a room, well, you can do the math what this will mean to you on a yearly basis!


A manager is only as successful as the tools they use, so be open minded when it comes down to training sessions or implementing new technology. So if you find yourself struggling with management skills then don’t be scared of straight away. You can learn management skills and also you will learn by doing. Do you have any managing tips or tricks? Feel free to share with me!