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Contactless Stay Quality label


At RoomRaccoon, we keep a close eye on all developments surrounding the coronavirus and closely monitor what we can do from day to day. This is why we have created the Contactless Stay label to help both guests and hoteliers.


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The Contactless Stay is the international quality label for the hospitality industry. Accommodations with the Contactless Stay label do everything in their power to create a Corona Safe stay, without compromises in guest comfort.


Hoteliers can obtain the Contactless Stay label for their accommodation as follows:


Be sure to leverage the following RoomRaccoon PMS features:

  • Online check-in
  • Online payments or contactless card machine (RaccoonPay)
  • Online upselling (RaccoonUpsell)
  • Keyless entry of the rooms


And these on-premise measurements:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and common rooms before every stay
  • Meals served as room service
  • Hand disinfectant dispensers in common rooms
  • Assure 1,5 meters distance between guests and your team