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6 daily tasks you didn't know you could automate


There are many things you can automate, but sometimes it is difficult to decide which automation tips are worth implementing in order not to lose the personal touch in providing a service like the reception. You might even work so many hours so that your working life invades the family one and maybe you are wondering how to better invest your time. Below you will find 6 examples of activities that you can automate thanks to RoomRaccoon and that will not make you lose contact with your guests, but rather give you more time to devote to them or other activities.


1. Guests Communication
Do you daily send out instructions on how to reach you? Or perhaps would you like to know the arrival time of your guests? You can automate all communications like confirmation, cancellation, pre- and post-stay. You can even personalize them with customer data and in a format that reflects your (brand) identity.


2. Yield
When we mention yield management, we are talking about dynamic rates. Imagine a rainy day, when you are completely empty. Maybe you're willing to lower the price. Or you're a month away from a day when you already have high occupancy and want to raise prices. Well,  RoomRaccoon can do all of this automatically.


3. Payments
Now it's even more easy to get reservations paid. Customers who enter your site can pay directly for the reservation and you automatically receive the amount in your bank account. Do you receive a phone call and the customer wants to pay in advance? No problem. Send him a payment request with just one click and the customer can conveniently process the payment from his home.


4. Statistics
Was it a good month? Which room had the most occupation? What is the average rate? Or the RevPar? Just open the statistics page to find out! Now you can say goodbye to Excel files.


5. Unsolved Payments
Do you have control of all payments? Have all reservations been paid for? In RoomRaccoon you have a dedicated section that produces a list of all bookings with an amount still to be paid. You can send reminders for payments with a simple click and all unpaid reservations will go into oblivion.


6. Channel Manager
Are you still jumping from extranet to extranet to update rates and availability risking overbooking? You can save a lot of time, because with RoomRaccoon you can update all your rooms on a single screen and send the update to the various portals immediately. We are a Preferred Partner of so we guarantee maximum security in the updates.

RoomRaccoon is the fastest growing all-in-one solution in the world. With a single login you can manage your entire business by increasing direct bookings through the Booking Engine (our customers have already registered an increase of 27%), expanding your markets and improving employment through the use of the Channel Manager that updates all portals with a simple click and have a clear view of your bookings. Request a free trial now!