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5 Effective Hotel Packages For Guests

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Hotel package deals combine rooms, entertainment, and other activities for an affordable rate. 


According to Trivago, customers who book packages stay longer, book earlier and are less likely to cancel their reservations. 


The ideal hotel package promoted on your hotel's website and through the appropriate channels may be just what a traveler needs to choose your hotel over a competitor.


Our blog discusses five effective hotel packages you can offer to attract more guests.



Why Should Hotels Have Package Deals?

The convenience of purchasing a package that includes activities and services has made hotel packages more and more well-liked among tourists on a tight budget. 


In comparison to booking several excursions each day or finding new places for breakfast every morning, it's a lot less effort.


Besides, everyone loves a good deal. 55% of more than 20,000 travelers surveyed by said they are seeking bargains and discounts for their next trip.


Instead of lowering your rates, you can create attractive promotions and packages. One method to show tourists they are getting the most value for their money is by offering the most cost-effective hotel packages.


Packages ought to benefit all parties, after all. A package allows your customers to choose their own room, activities, and amenities while also bringing in more revenue for your hotel.


You can easily differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market by offering distinctive packages that no other hotel offers.


Finally, while your guests are having a good time at your hotel, they will have plenty of opportunities to promote your packages to their friends.



5 Effective Accommodation Packages For Guests



The first step in planning your special offers and packages is to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal target market and "think outside the box". What will appeal to them?


Even if you don't have on-site facilities such as a spa, for example, you can work with companies to jointly promote services and products. Here are 5 ideas to get you started!


1. All-Inclusive Package


An all-inclusive package is essential because this special package includes several essential things. Besides accommodation, tourists can expect complimentary meals, drinks, entertainment, and other services.


Offer various options in the package (optional extras). Examples of add-ons include meals, packed lunches, welcoming refreshments, and so forth.


One guest may settle for a simple bed and breakfast and spa treatment, while another guest may prefer an all-inclusive extended stay package.


Create packages based on proximity; for example, if a guest lives outside the city center, a lengthier stay is necessary.


Extra costs for any of the above items can make a holiday unaffordable for those on a budget. The all-inclusive package is an excellent choice for guests traveling on a budget.


2. Romantic Package


Romance means something different to each couple. As a result, ensure that you have an array of indulgent romantic packages available for couples. 


Couples are usually interested in packages with an extended stay with activities such as wine-tasting, breakfast, and dinner. 


Include itineraries such as a 2-3 night stay with dinner in front of a crackling fireplace or a decadent picnic and a choice of luxury or superior rooms decorated with flowers, candles, or lanterns to enhance the guests’ stay.


Tip: Analyze your off-season occupancy levels and create profitable packages for newlyweds or couples by including restaurant and spa coupons.


Don't miss out on the most profitable day for couples: Valentine's Day. 


Create both budget-friendly and luxurious packages that can accommodate all types of budgets. 


On Valentine's Day, there are several ways to stand out from the crowd, including being accommodating to singles (e.g., hosting a Galentine's day). As we all know, being unique is one of the secrets to thriving in this industry.


The National Restaurant Association reported that 50% of reservations made for Valentine's Day in 2018 were done so using a smartphone. In light of this, it would be advantageous to use a mobile-friendly booking engine that is simple for guests to use. 


3. The Adventure Package


Appeal to active travelers and adventure seekers with incredible deals on must-do activities.


Partner with local businesses to create mutually beneficial deals on activities like hikes, scuba diving, ziplining, horseback riding, and more.


4. Celebration Package


There is nothing that guests love more than to celebrate. Create a unique package where guests can celebrate their special events. 


Events with a specific theme, such as a bridal shower, birthday party, or anniversary celebration, with gourmet snacks and goodie bags filled with creative favors.


Allow guests to celebrate their special occasion at your venue with in-room treats and a private dining experience with several extraordinary settings to choose from.


Include perks like a welcome drink upon arrival, a bottle of sparkling wine in their preferred room, their choice of one of three gift categories, a celebration breakfast, and complete access to your first-rate amenities.


5. Family package

Hotel Packages for families are incredibly popular. Nothing is better than a family vacation filled with games, sunshine, and thrilling activities to create unforgettable memories.


Occupied parents are always looking for ways to spend time with their children and other family members, especially during the festive and holiday seasons. Take advantage of the opportunity and provide your guests with a family getaway package.


Alternatively, you could include passes to a kiddies' amusement park for the afternoon while mom and dad indulge in spa treatments. 


For children during the seasonal school holidays, consider offering family packages with passes for zoos, aquariums, or museums.


Discounts on specific packages might also have a greater chance of luring families by providing a complimentary breakfast with a set number of nights or increasing the size of their rooms over their stay.


6. Bonus: Tailored Hotel Packages


Nowadays, hotel guests want the freedom to customize their own stay. 


You can offer your direct bookers a few exciting add-ons, like an extended check-out time, a bottle of champagne, or a cheese platter.


A great strategy would be to upsell add-ons to guests in advance using alluring tools like a Guest Service Menu. This way, guests can build their own hotel package and you generate revenue without lifting a finger.



Where to Advertise Your Hotel Packages?




Hotel Website


Customers use hotel websites to find better deals. Take advantage of this opportunity by creating and promoting hotel packages on your website around the clock with a powerful hotel booking engine.


The value that an upgrade, benefit, or package offers to your hotel will depend on how appealing and important it is to travelers. Of course, your ability to market your special offer to your intended audience is also a key consideration.


With the help of a hotel booking engine on your website, potential guests can easily find information about and view your hotel packages and check availability based on their preferences. 


Remember, your hotel website is your business card, and you should make it attractive and user-friendly to ensure your packages stand out from the competition. 



Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)


Instead of actively competing with OTAs, a balanced partnership with third-party booking channels will result in more direct bookings for your hotel.


Using an effective channel management tool, you may simultaneously sell all of your rooms on a variety of channels, saving you time and boosting your revenue.


The best channel manager software can distribute unique accommodation packages to numerous booking sites as it may be better suited for various travelers across the globe. 


For all-inclusive packages, it might be a good idea to use and Expedia since many people use them as a one-stop shop.


Social Media

Social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok provide the best features to get super creative with promoting your hotel packages and boosting customer engagement. 


You can experiment with stories or reels that showcase how guests are enjoying the package they booked. According to Hootsuite, Instagram reels receive a much higher view rate than regular posts. 


While guests are enjoying themselves at your hotel, request that they tag you. Nothing shouts "book me" like social proof and peer recommendations. 


Final thoughts

Although it might appear daunting initially, creating hotel packages can be fun!


We hope that the tips in this blog will inspire you to create intriguing packages and promotions for your guests that you can advertise through various channels.

Using an all-in-one hotel management system like RoomRaccoon, you can effortlessly create customized packages and promote them on various booking channels. Start your free 30-day trial today.


Author: Justine Smith 


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