Keep Up With Your Accounting

Save yourself time and frustration at the end of each month. Simply, connect your accounting software to RoomRaccoon that automatically transfers your daily invoices from the system directly into your accounts.





Pooled inventory 

Save time and reduce errors

Say goodbye to mismatched reports. With RoomRaccoon, you can run daily financial reports that are automatically pushed to your connected accounting solution.

Dynamic rate 

Ledger accounts

We work with a cash system. This means that all components such as accommodation, add-ons, and taxes are split up and linked to the correct ledger account.

Virtual Credit cards 

We take care of the set-up

RoomRaccoon takes care of the entire setup including inventory of all relevant general ledger accounts, mapping and activation of the connectivity. We also monitor the operation.


Automate your accounts


All invoices are sent from the RoomRaccoon PMS to your bookkeeping account at night. This way your accounts are always up-to-date and you never have to deal with time-consuming night audits again!


RoomRaccoon prestay emails RoomRaccoon connects to various accounting software

 RoomRaccoon RevPAR Get detailed financial reports per general ledger account

RoomRaccoon online check-in Save unnecessary costs with automation